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Artist Dominique Huot works at the Soierie Huo boutique located in the heart of the Petit-Champlain district in old Quebec.


It is in their workshop in Lévis that artists Dominique Huot and Hugues Beaulieu create scarves, sashes, pareos, etc.. These unique creations are hand-painted on high quality natural silk fibre and wool stamen fabric.


Artist painter Dominique Huot in the workshop of the Soierie Huo

Artist Dominique Huot in the midst of creating at his studio in Lévis.


It is possible to see the artists at work at their boutique in the Old Quebec City area located in the Petit Champlain district.

Painter Hugues Beaulieu in the workshop of the Soierie Huo

Hugues Beaulieu works in the workshop of the Petit Champlain neighbourhood boutique.