How to Paint on Silk or Wool

Painting silk or wool is an art. Soierie Huo craftsmen choose the most beautiful silk and wool fibres, and use a spontaneous painting technique that is very similar to watercolour. Wild flowers, maple leaves and abstract motifs, each piece of Soierie Huo is a Quebec exclusive.

Painting on silk requires a predisposition to inner rhythm, as liquid colours are often unpredictable and capricious. Silk, this iridescent material will always fascinate us.

To dye the material, we stretch the fabric on a handcrafted copper pin frame. Thereafter, often water, alcohol and various salts are used to create the desired wave-like movements. The surprise is often there.

Dominique Huo at the Soierie Huo

The next step will be to steam set the colours for 4 hours. This ensures the brilliance, durability and permanence of the colours.

You can see a short demonstration of Dominica Huot at work in the Huo Silk Shop of the Petit-Champlain district located in old Quebec in the video below.