How to wear or tie a scarf or sash

You can wear or knot a scarf or sash simply or in a more complicated way.

What always looks good is to follow the line of your neckline, either half moon or pointed. Choose the appropriate knot and follow the instructions on the leaflet in the gift envelope.


Any square scarf can be folded into a triangle or oblong.

how to wear or tie an Oblong scarf

Classic Triangle


how to wear or tie a Classic Triangle scarf


Triangle with fancy buckle

how to wear or tie a Triangle draped scarf with fancy buckle

Draped triangle with half loop

how to wear or knot a draped triangle scarf with half a buckle

Fancy buckle

how to wear or knot a fancy buckle scarf

Casual tie

How to Wear or Tie a Casual Scarf or Scarf Tie



Traditional knots


Jabot (oblong)

Crop with flat knot (oblong)

Simple, easy and fast knotting

Fancy buckle

Casual tie

Classic Triangle with Plain Knott

Draped triangle with single knot